Go Big

Or Go Home

How to Get Huge Results

With Batch Processing

How Does It Work?

Its all about data.

Having a large database of clients, you no doubt have key information like their web address, phone number, physical address & email. Batch Processing allows you to use this data to produce sales-ready mobile websites that include mobile specific functionality such as click-to-call, click-to-email & click-to-map.

Our magical machine.

Using our Automatic Content Identifier (ACI) we extract the original desktop website, the menu structure, logo, content, images & footer. Batch Processing then combines this with the business specific data from your client database to instantly create a dynamic, mobile-optimized site.

The end result.

Batch Processing will create mobile websites for your entire client list! Whilst the mobile conversion is automatic, we understand some customers may have additional requirements; so further customizations can be made using our suite of design tools, including adding up to 30 mobile specific plugins, custom layouts & design.

Who Is Batch Processing For?

Our typical batch partners are directories, media houses and all types of businesses that have thousands of existing clients or leads they want to monetize on.

Currently 85% of online websites do not have mobile versions, so it is a big opportunity.