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Featured Plugins

  • SMS

  • Enable your customers to easily send you a text message with just one click - directly from their smartphone. Our click-to-SMS plugin is fully customizable, choose from our custom icons or upload your own to match your branding.

  • Click-to-Call

  • Easily our most popular plugin, click-to-call enables your customers to call your business instantly with just one click. Simple.

  • HTML Snippet

  • The HTML snippet offers advanced users absolute flexibility. Almost anything you can code in HTML can be displayed on your mobile website, including some JavaScript.

  • Image

  • Our image plugin allows you to add an image to any page on your mobile site in order to build your brand, display a product or advertise a service.

  • Full Version

  • Offer the option of switching over to the desktop version of your site. This functionality is considered best practice for mobile and offers users the option of going deeper into your site should the require more information.

  • Click-to-Map

  • Take advantage of mobile specific functionality with our click-to-map plugin. Lead customers directly to your business using their smartphones internal GPS capabilities.

  • Custom Forms

  • Make it easy for users to contact you with any questions or feedback with our thumb friendly form builder. All replies are sent to the email you provide, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to build a relationship with your clients.

  • Click-to-Email

  • Allow customers to email you directly from their mobile devices. Customize the look and feel of the button with our tools, control the placement and define the pages where the button is visible.

  • Map

  • Place a map of the precise location of your business. Site visitors can also click “view larger map” to access it in their native mapping app such as Google maps or Apple maps.

  • Contact Bar

  • Build social momentum with our Facebook Like plugin. Let your clients “like” your company’s Facebook page directly from your mobile site — no need to leave or open a separate app.

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