Tools Release Notes

June 2014

    • New

    • Page Tracking Options

    • This module allows the users the ability to select the range in which their mobile site will be tracked by search engines that respect robot meta tags. This tracking selection option, can be accessed via Advanced > Properties > Current Page.
    • Tracking Options Screenshot

    • The dropdown menu gives you four options to choose from which are shown below. Changing the this option here will only affect the current page you are on. To change this option site wide, in those same properties click on 'Site' and there will be the same dropdown menu.
    • Tracking Options Dropdown Screenshot

    • To Learn more about what these Meta options do, you can read this article which explains it all.

Tools Release Notes

Februrary 2014

    • New

    • External JavaScript Libraries

    • Clients now have the ability to attach external JavaScript libraries, mootools, jquery, etc. files to your mobile website. All you have to do is upload your file URL into the "External JavaScripts" text field. Once the URL is referenced the user can now utilize the functions of that library inside the "Embeded Javascript" section.

    • Improved CSS Control

    • Users will have more control over their CSS customizations of any element on their mobile webiste. When stylying a specific element on a page, you can apply those styles only to the current page you are working on. Previously the CSS control was more universal, where a modification to a certain element on one page, that element would change on all pages.

    • iFrames Supported

    • A new feature that we have added to our mobile engine is the ability to support websites with iFrames.
    • Modified

    • Added A New Tablet Layout

    • The main menu in the iPad preview has changed to utilize the full screen size of the iPad. Previously iPad versions and regular mobile versions have identical layouts. In the new release the main menu is now placed in a added section pinned to the left of the screen.

    • There is also the option to opt out of the iPad layout for your mobile website.

    • Image Upload

    • Images can now be uploaded for any plugin inside the tools. Customers can now add custom icons to any plugin, rather than using a link.

    • "Preview" Mode

    • To improve the organization of the tools, all features related to preview and publishing mobile sites, are now all grouped under the "Go Live" section of the tools. The Preview button was previously located in the top menu of the tools.

    • "Hide Element" Control

    • To avoid empty menu elements, changes have been made to the "Hide Element" option. Now you can only hide parent items in the menu.