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Our Automatic Content Analysis will mobilize your site instantly. Using our mobile website development tools you can add additional functionality & customizations as you like or choose from our existing mobile website templates!


bMobilized offers state of the art technology to make mobilizing easy!

    • Automatic Conversion and Updates

    • Automatically convert your website to mobile

    • Our Automatic Content Identifier (ACI) uses over 300 algorithms to interpret your website's structure and re-create this into a mobile friendly version. Furthermore, all the content on your original website is updated instantly on the mobile version, so there is no need to update a separate mobile version since it is all generated live - any changes made to your desktop site will be reflected on your mobile version instantly!

    • Before and after mobile website comparison
    • Tools and Plugins

    • Customize your site and add plugins

    • Our easy to use online tools allow you to customize and optimize your mobile version of the website and add mobile specific plugins. In a few minutes you’ll have a custom design with your logo, color theme, styling and selected content from your current site. Style your pages with our visual CSS editor or even add Javascript. Easily add Google Adsense and Analytics with just the ID and set up a mCommerce store in minutes!

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    • Mobile Website Development Tools
    • Works on All Devices

    • Supports more than 14,000 different phones and tablets

    • Once you have created the mobile version of your site, it will automatically look great on all devices. The Mobile Engine can detect more than 14,000 combinations of handsets and browsers, including Samsung, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson. No matter how customers access your mobilized site, it will be optimized for their device.

    • Various Mobile Device

Mobile Features

Get the most out of mobile with our advanced plugins and features

    • More Than 30 Plugins

    • Optimize your mobile website

    • Our diverse range of plugins allows you to utilize all the advantages smart phones have to offer.

      With our simple to use plugins, your customers can Click-to-Call or open a map to your location with the tap of a button.

      In addition, we offer social bars, mobile search, video plugins, mobile contact forms, and integration of well-known brands such as OpenTable, Google AdSense, and more.

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    • Analytics for Mobile

    • Measure how your customers engage with your mobile website - in real time

    • bMobilized offers a robust Analytics feature, allowing you to measure mobile interactions and see how well your mobile site plugins are performing in real time and as they happen.

      Whether your enterprise is small or large, Analytics provides the crucial information needed for business to run efficiently.

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    • Promote

    • Share your mobile website with the world

    • Once your store is mobilized, we automatically create a QR code for your new mobile website which can be promoted in your online and offline marketing material.

      We also provide seamless social network integration, allowing you to share your new mobile site on Facebook & Twitter or by email with just one click.



Set up an mCommerce store and start selling in minutes!

mCommerce For Mobile
  • Create a Custom mCommerce Store

  • Build a full mCommerce store and start selling in less than 10 minutes. Our mCommerce store supports all credit cards, Checkout by Amazon, and Checkout with PayPal. Our fully functional shopping cart accepts all currencies and compatible on all devices.

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    • CSS & JavaScript
    • Technical
    • Plus all the
      DIY features

Lean back and relax while our team of experts builds you a professional mobile site.


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